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Moore Information Services, Inc. (MIS) has the expertise and experience in providing all areas of the Entertainment Industry, i.e. radio, television, film, music, theater, and Sports Industries with the most cost-effective screening programs tailored for you.  By implementing one of MIS’ employment screening programs, your employee productivity will increase while your turnovers will decrease, along with workplace violence, theft, drug use, and negligent hiring risk.

Football Stadium
Movie set with director
  • MIS knows the Entertainment Industry.   Whether you’re looking to hire a Construction Manager, grip, gaffer,  dancer, or an entertainer, MIS has the experience to help streamline your background screening process to get your people to the set or job in a timely manner.   

  • MIS knows the Sports Industry:  MIS has been providing background checks on stadium employees since 1996.  As a preferred provider for many of today’s baseball stadiums, football stadiums and Arenas , we understand your needs and budget restraints.

  • Flexible Options.   MIS provides you with the tools, numerous options and customized packages that can be tailored specifically for each job position   We provide you with rescreening tools that will expedite the entire rehire process year in and year out.

  • Personalized Service.  Throughout the entire screening process, MIS’ Business Unit Managers are dedicated to your every need by providing you with quality and  thorough information.

  • Faster Hiring of Candidates.  MIS understands how time is critical in your employment screening process.  MIS will provide you with all the tools you need to screen new applicants and rescreen your annual employees in a paperless environment.

Client Testimonial:

“Since 2006, MIS has been providing our stadium with our employee background checks .  Your staff is always there when we need them to solve any issue that comes up.   We use MIS’ rescreening software every year — this has helped us save countless hours on rescreening our staff.”

“Thanks again for all your help.”  Debbie H., Human Resource Manager 


Contact MIS today to see why the entertainment and sports industries turn to Moore Information Services, Inc. to streamline their background and drug screening process.

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