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Regardless of size, industry or geography, Moore Information Services, Inc. (MIS) has available the right solutions for enhancing your background and drug screening process. MIS provides all the tools and products necessary to effectively streamline your pre-employment screening process.

From basic criminal background checks to completely customized packages and drug screenings, MIS has the solutions to organize your pre-employment screening programs. MIS provides easy-to-understand reports that are accurate and thorough in the most cost-effective manner.

If you have any other questions and would like to talk to an agent today, please use the chat box or contact our Sales Department at

Small Business

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MIS can simplify and enhance your background screening process with the most cost-effective background screening solutions available.

Don’t risk your business on a bad hire.

Mid Size Enterprises

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If you hire 100 to 500 employees per year, MIS can help develop cost-effective background screening solutions customized for your Enterprise.

Large Enterprises

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If your company is screening 500 or more employees per year, then MIS’ Total Employment Application Management (TEAM™) is the service for all of your background screening and integration needs. 

Employment Screening Industry Services

Employment Screening Staffing Agency
  • Staffing Agency

  • Applicant Tracking

  • Worldwide Coverage

  • Online Application

  • Employment Screening

  • Hospitality

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